Thursday, May 27, 2010

Compete against a friend to be the first to pop the balloons.
Hands must be tied behind the players back.
Each player has their own zone.
Try to avoid destroying your eardrums.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Check out this sexy video!

Oh, right...
Someone should refine the rules and post them.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

feeling like a fool aint half bad

Having a party hat on your head with a pin at the top sticking out trying to pop balloons does feel stupid but introducing a competitive element (another player and a time limit) this seems to get that much more interesting

while doing a run through of the game the "magic circle" was also quite blurred, setting our game up in the hallway experimental people could see what we were doing while they might have not know what it was for they already had a fair idea how the game worked just by observation.
It would take little to no effort to explain the rules of the game to someone outside of our group due to its simplicity
The original idea to make the balloon with a marker made the player look hilariously funny as they jumped up and down aiming for the balloon (sorry Amy), however having a balloon pop gave the player a greater sense of achievement (seeing something explode along with a massive loud noise why wouldn't it).

when we tried the game in the elevator we had such high expectations just because i would have liked to have seen other peoples reactions who were not apart of our group but at the same time having a pin on your head and being in an enclosed area making a loud exploding noises seems not to be such a good idea in the end.

at the end of the day if your going to look like a fool make a game out of it and find someone to play with.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As you guys are aware we have made several changes to our previous idea, so without further ado, allow me to present Team K’s nearly-there game idea- yes, we are still in need of a name.

We shall still be splitting individuals into two areas, handcuffing the participants, using the balloons and the party hats. However –based on the results that were received- have decided to replace permanent markers with pins, for we have discovered that it was fun to watch, received the most amounts of laughs and was quite exhausting. Furthermore, it also brought about feelings of uncertainty- I suppose you could call it that- as the hats blocked your view and made it difficult to locate the exact position of the balloon; hence causing each burst to be startling…or something along those lines.

In regards to scoring, we have decided to go old school, and select two individuals who will pay close attention to their assigned team and count the number of balloons popped in the given time. For the location, we tried implementing the game in the lift, however- due to the fact that there will pins involved and random balloons popping, have selected the corridor before the games lounge, as it separates the two individuals, yet- as it is see through- allows them to analyse their opponent’s progress and the manner in which they are tackling the challenge etc etc

So yeah, that’s about it. Movie should be posted soon, soo keep your eyes peeled for that.

Kind regards,


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Balloon game

So far, here's how it goes:
  • There will be 2-10 players in two teams
  • They will all wear party hats with a sharpie connected on top so you can draw with the tip of the hat
  • The sharpies will come in two colours. One for each team
  • In a room, the teams will be separated on opposite sides
  • 1-3 white balloons will be thrown in the air and all of the players have to headbutt and therefore mark the balloon/s as much as they can for as long as the game goes
  • At the end of the game the marks on the balloon/s will be counted. The team's colour which shows up most on the balloon/s determines the winner.

Gotta figure out what's a good amount of balloons, players, area and time for this game. Oh, and a name.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010